About the Movie

A group of young women gather for a birthday party in WITCH-HUNT, a supernatural thriller that deals with friendship, old wounds, and the Satanic Panic of the ‘80s and ‘90s. They’ve come together to play a vintage, out-of-print card game complete with an instructional audio cassette, designed to simulate all the paranoia of the Salem Witch Trials. As the night unfolds, buried secrets reemerge, hidden motives are revealed, strange events transpire, and the game itself takes on a sinister tone-- leading the players to suspect that one of their number may actually be a real witch.

Recent Updates

  • WITCH-HUNT is now available on Amazon Prime Video!
  • A big thanks to the Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival for a great screening of WITCH-HUNT!
  • WITCH-HUNT is the winner of THE SPIRIT OF GEN CON at the Gen Con Film Festival! Thanks so much to the judges and organizers of this very fun festival, and to everyone who came out for the screening! 
  • A big thanks to the USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX for screening WITCH-HUNT!
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